San Diego International Triathlon
Koz Enterprises San Diego International and Sprint Triathlons.

Int: 1K Swim, 30K Bike, 10K Run
Sprint: .5K Swim, 20K Bike, 6K Run
 Transition Area  Int and Sprint Swim Start
 Int and Sprint Swim Exit  Int and Sprint Bike In/Out
 Int Bike Turnaround  Int and Sprint Run Out
 Int and Sprint Finish  Water Station
 International Swim 1.0 km  
 Sprint Swim 0.5 km  
 International/Sprint Bike (Sprint ONE LOOP ONLY on top of course on Memorial Dr)) 27.86 km
 International Run 10.01 km
 Sprint Run 5.94 km
 Transition Area 0.56 km  
Google Earth kml      distance markers
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