Beaverdam Triathlon
The swim will take place in Beaverdam Lake off the sandy beach of Beaverdam Recreation Area. The 1500 meter swim will start and finish on the beach. The swim course will be rectangular shape. Participants will be grouped in wave starts that will leave every 3 minutes. The water temperature will be between 60-70 degrees making this a wetsuit legal swim.

The bike course will leave the Beaverdam Recreational Area and proceed North on 50. The course will feature fast flats, small climbs, and rolling terrain through Wake and Granville County.

The run course will be totally contained in the Beaverdam Recreation Area. The course will be a 2 lap out and back. The run will have a rolling design with 2 aid stations. The first aid station will be at the 1st lap turnaround and the 2nd aid station will be at the out turnaround.
 Water Bottle Handoff  Aid Station 2
 Aid Station 1  Sight Buoy
 Turn Buoy  Turn Buoy
 Sight Buoy  Turn Buoy
 Beaverdam Swim Course 1.49K 0.93 mi
 Beaverdam Bike Course 42.65K 26.5 mi
 Beaverdam Run Course 10k 3.2 mi
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